October 15, 2019

Launched Clientelify on BetaList!

Charlie Reese @charliereese

After receiving an email yesterday from betalist.com saying we'd be featured in ~30 days, we were surprised to learn a couple hours ago that we had been featured late this morning! ...I'm a little bitter... ¯\(ツ)

We launched a waitlist for our application on clientelify.com as well as two Sketch prototypes of envisioned functionality (links available below).

Please check out our page (Clientelify) on betalist.com, check out our Sketch prototypes below (you can click through them), or ask us a question!



Application prototype: https://sketch.cloud/s/RWOOx/a/dQpoG3/play

Public facing scheduling prototype: https://sketch.cloud/s/RWOOx/a/jAMdPb/play

P.S. Sketch is a great tool for quickly creating / sharing interactive functionality and application UIs before writing code (it is even more useful if you can't code!). I learned how to use Sketch ~6 months ago largely through the Sketch docs: https://www.sketch.com/docs/getting-started/, which are really good! I think Sketch still offers a free month trial. Definitely check it out!

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