June 2, 2020

Clipps ⇢ 1 Year Later

Dan Schoonmaker @schoon

Exactly a year ago I deployed the first Clipps code with no real idea of how I was going to turn my passion for podcasts into an actual business. I just knew that if I, as a highly technical person, found the podcasting industry confusing, then other more casual listeners must also be confused.

To celebrate my year of casual work on this fun little side project, I wanted to share some exciting updates that I recently shipped!

The first change is more of a strategic one. I've decided that I'm going to begin moving some of my smaller podcasting projects (Caster Community, CasterKit, etc) under the "Clipps umbrella" to help raise broader awareness and allow me to focus on building more of a unified platform. I started this by creating a new landing page for Caster Community, and redirecting that domain to it.

Caster Community

The second change is a feature that I found myself as a new podcaster regularly using on external services (whether it be: pod.link or plinkhq). Starting today, Clipps provides you an easily shareable link to your show, so your listeners have the option to consume it directly on their favorite platform.


My plan is to eventually brand this as CasterLink and follow the same pattern I mention above with a landing page so it can also work as a standalone service.

The last change I released today is around empowering users to import more shows. The amount of content on Clipps was always limited as I worked out kinks around the data model. To get started I just imported the top ~3k shows from iTunes, and setup a script to constantly import their latest episodes. Starting today, registered users will be able to import their favorite shows, which will hopefully diversify the content and allow a wider audience to utilize the platform.

Submit Show

That's all I've got for now. I would love to hear your feedback, especially around this new approach of embedding my various podcasting services/tools under a single domain. I'm curious to see how that works out in the long run.

I can't wait to see what this next year of Clipps brings! 🎧 🔊

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