July 5, 2020

First 100+ likes on Facebook page

Valentin R. @tjk

Last month we were focused on gaining first users and fixing bugs.

Here's what we tried:
— engaging our personal FB audience through a series of announcements, videos, and "demo" group projects. This lead me to an idea that our bot can be used by influencers/bloggers who would want to collect UGC videos from their audience.
— trying to get attention on IH. Zero effect so far.
— addressing some chatbot communities (facebook groups, telegram groups). At least a few people gave valuable feedback.
— played around with FB ads, didn't really spend anything but found interesting targeting settings that might work for us;
— tried to contact the media by using postbag.co service, didn't do much there, but had zero effect;
— made some promo videos;
— reworked the landing page like 3 times;
— moved Clipsus to a new server;
— did three group videos myself with 20+ participants in each. Receivers were super-happy, some even cried.

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