October 21, 2019

Landing Page

Stuart S. @ssharpe11

The product is currently in beta with a closed group of users, but as we continue to flesh out the details, we want to get more users attracted to the solution — landing page here we come!

We're using this as a way to generate simple leads. We aren't attaching any marketing campaigns to this outside of my own personal outreach. The goal is to get some more people interested and work with them in a beta capacity.

Today's Top Milestones
  • New anti-procrastination guide out!
    We've just released a new guide (How to finally stop procrastinating) on overcoming procrastination! As a maker, founder, and indie hacker, I use the
  • 2000+ webpage comparisons generated
    This week https://lightest.app was mentioned by a few Twitter influencers in Frontend development. Google Analytics shows ~1200 visitors in a week but
  • Trending on BetaList
    Second launch and another time landed in the trending section! Traffic hasn't been crazy though, with <300 visits in the last 2 days. Nice conversion