February 18, 2020

2nd on Google for "TikTok analytics"

Grohs Fabian @GrohsFabian

We are now showing on Google as the second result when searching for "TikTok analytics" and I am glad to say that 90% of the traffic comes from organic sources.

Even as a side project, where I do sometimes new features and try to upgrade it as often as I can, it grows very nicely!

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    what API do you use for that? I think TikTok's official API is not public yet

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      https://github.com/szdc/tiktok-api and/or some puppeteer crawling of tiktoks website, no rocket science, just tedious work

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    Congrats your SEO is really decent. And following the Insta Analytics tools => interesting space with good opps to sell some SaaS to clueless agencies and marketers, BUT it's also quite competitive and most of the tools are very similar (in the Insta space) and after using them for a while you stop because you just know the market.

    Then, the users who want just to check their own stats (so the major use case) just use the pro features of tiktok.

    So IDK if your time is spent wisely but maybe I am wrong.

    But what I think is an opp: TikTok, it got so huge => good ecosystem to work in

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    What does 'Average E.R.' mean? I assume engagement rate?

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      Yes, that is right!

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    2nd in India too. Congrats.

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      Nice! Thank you for letting me know ^_^.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Was wondering the same and checked https://www.similarweb.com/website/cloutmeter.com

      If SimilarWeb doesn't show traffic results it must be rather on the very low side. What's interesting => 50% organic search (which is not a lot) rest direct => shows that retention seems to be ok assuming SEO is good as OP wrote

      fyi a s query breakdown:
      tiktok analytics 29.14%
      cloutmeter 12.79%
      tiktok profile stats 4.36%
      my tiktok stats 4.29%
      anaytics for tiktok 3.67%

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      Hey Shiva, I plan to share this the following days / next week most likely so I can see where the traffic stabilizes.

      Thank you for the comment!