September 21, 2019

55 Commits

Daniel Boothman @danielboothman

55 Commits

Where has 55 commits got me so far?

  1. Coming Soon page

I built a coming soon page with the hopes of gaining a few subscribers to my mailing list. This was a single commit and is live on my website.

  1. The Editor

90% of my commits are work directly on the image editor. I'm nearly at the stage of MVP and can expect to be there within the next 20 commits or so. Users can add text and images, edit these items, drag and drop, organise the layers and more.

  1. A blog/ Changelog

2 or 3 of my commits are for a blog/ changelog page although I'll admit it's not very good and I'll be starting this again.

// To Do

  • [Bug] Very large images do not render that well. This needs to be improved so users can create large graphics.

  • Rewrite some functions as they could be optimised further.

  • Optimize code: Minify, concatenate and obfuscate(the editor is all client side) code.

  • Add Undo and Redo functionality

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