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Your profile is important on Clubhouse: it represents who you are, what you bring to the table, where you hang out, what you do. The format influences how findable you are. That's why a good profile editor is necessary.

April 22, 2021 Momentum nearing: Clubhouse for Android

According to this TechCrunch Article, Clubhouse is working on an Android version of their app.

Of course they are, but their timeframe indication of several months gives me extra motivation for my Clubhouse profile editor:

I am working on getting the first version out as soon as the next week or so, so I can start gaining feedback and gain SEO exposure and hopefully some referrals.

If I get a "known" editor, and the likeability of is solid before the Android version lands, I'll have a nice offset moment for it.

💻🔥 Code Hard, Ship Harder 💪🏻

April 18, 2021 Turning Lessons Learned into content

I decided to use implement using Laravel. In total contradiction to my own philosophy regarding not mixing learning and shipping, I decided to use a framework that wasn't new to me but that I didn't use for any production app as well.

A couple of weeks in, I noticed that there was a lot to learn about the finesse of using Laravel and applying it for

As a maker, creating in public, I decided to start writing my lessons learned as separate blog posts.

One goal is documenting my journey, and sharing Laravel insights. On the other side, hopefully, this will lead to more interested people and followers that will be there when my product goes live.

I see every article I can post regarding this as a small win on my knowledge and leaving a path for others to follow.

My first article is called: Populating your Laravel project's database with initial data

April 6, 2021 A sneaky peek into my Clubhouse profile editor

I decided to stop worrying about having an advantage. Just like my peers in the WIP community, and many makers here on IH have been telling:

Logging your journey on what you're building and how you're doing it will trump any rivaling developer that just copies your idea.

After noticing that I gained 20+ signups on the email list via the website, I decided to reward them with the first screenshots of my progress.

Furthermore, I wrote an article declaring I'm going to build this thing in public, and also submitted it to Hacker News.

Time to crank it up and ship this thing asap. Not worrying about advantages and keeping things for yourselves and knowing that early, brutal feedback is best I am kinda relieved that I made the effort and took this step.

BTW: the article 👉🏻can be found here 👈🏻

April 4, 2021 Got my first 10 email signups

I posted and replied to clubhouse related stuff in sub reddits two days ago, rewarding me with my first 10 email sign-ups.
I'm not mistaking this them for becoming actual users, but the idea alone (my landing page is very basic) seems to have interest by people that want to / are actively use Clubhouse.
Trying to grow this besides working on the last code for my version 1 will be interesting the next week.

March 23, 2021 Broke my own rule & MVP getting shape

I always advise against using tools to learn and tools to ship. One should master a tool to get your idea out ASAP.

But I wanted to get a small project to sharpen my Laravel skills. And is it.
So I guess that I'm breaking my own rule. The project is small enough to learn while not slow me down (too much) and get better at utilizing the sweet Laravel stack.

I've see tup a project and I'm around 60% of my initial version for the Clubhouse profile generator.

As soon as the generator creates a nice profile text that's usable, I'll go live and work from there.

I'm also going to write a post on this process to get more exposure to what I'm building.

No need to worry if someone steals your idea boys and girls... They'll do that just as easily after you launch.
I got a vision and some next steps (aka Strategy) that can't be copied beforehand, and THAT is where the real value lies.

I'll keep you posted on my progress here. Show your support and/or interest by hitting that like or subscribing at 🙌🏻

March 15, 2021 Landingpage setup

I've set up the landing page using in about ~1 hour.
There's no need to put in too much time in perfecting this.
A simple setup for people to subscribe.
It helps to have several alt texts and descriptions online for the SEO game, so that's a nice plus.

People that subscribe, can expect to be the first to know when the tool is available and any interesting related facts.

March 2, 2021 Starting my MVP

I've been learning myself Laravel using Laracasts and tutorials and this idea seems a good fit as a small project to work out the MVP.

I've been working on it about 6 hours and the first draft for the profile form is ready. Working on the layout of the guidance text and the profile generation part.

Once a profile can be generated conform the best practices that I collected around the web, I'll be ready to launch V0.1.

I noticed other editors coming out and being mentioned in Product Hunt's newsletter but they aren't setup the way that I envision so there's surely room for a proper editor in the space still..

February 2021 Got the idea

After getting an invite to the beta for Clubhouse and liking what this new social media platform brings, I quickly learned the importance of a proper profile on the platform.

Not only the information but also the format seems to matter so I'm working on creating a profile generator that helps you to setup an optimized profile quick and proper.

Your profile is important on Clubhouse: it represents who you are, what you bring to the table, where you hang out, what you do. The format influences how findable you are. That's why a good profile editor is necessary.