October 1, 2019

200 YouTube Subscribers Passed! + Learnings

Richa Prasad @richap

We passed 200 subscribers on Sept 29.

The most exciting part - it took us half the time to acquire the new set of 100 subscribers vs. our first 100.

I want to take back what I said in my last "100 YouTube Subscribers" post - TubeBuddy's rating isn't the most reliable.

I went back through my videos and analyzed the correlation between impressions (not views since my main goal as a small creator is to get into YouTube search first) and the stats I saw in TubeBuddy and Keywords Everywhere extension.

Here's my updated set of criteria for selection now: 10-100 searches/mo on Keyword Everywhere & <100k videos & avg. views of lowest video in search is comparable to my avg. views & <2 videos in top 5 are <1 year old.

These criteria seem simple but it takes a long time to find keywords that fit all of it for a competitive area like fat loss.

Another thing we tried but it's hit-or-miss is posting our videos on reddit.com/r/videos.

It worked out well for a How long to Flat Stomach video we posted, but it's not worked out well for other videos (Metabolism Boost, 80/20 for Fat Loss).

I think a big factor is aligning with the type of videos Redditors like - meme-like mostly. I think we just got lucky with the Flat Stomach one because it's a sexy topic and also we gave an actual answer unlike any article/video on the topic.

I think Metabolism and 80/20 for Fat Loss weren't intriguing enough.

I do think r/videos is a great source for traffic if you produce meme-like content or even if it's a serious topic but your presentation is interesting like the whiteboard drawing videos.

Everything else I said in my last post continues to be true.

It's been amazing to see more comments and also people buying our book as a result of watching our YouTube videos.

YouTube has become the third biggest source of traffic to our site after direct and Google.

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