150 people on waitlist from one tweet

I am already working on https://coco.so for some months and some days ago wrote a tweet putting it out in the world. With just this one tweet I got 150 people to sign up for the waitlist.

The different photos and tagging people that inspired me helped a lot. I thought that people are interested in stories and not so much products.

So now off to grow this waitlist every week :)

Here's the tweet: https://twitter.com/dennismuellr/status/1216105977289879553

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    Ah thanks for sharing this story. I too am building something having to do with goals and such (for my own needs but then will share). Sharing whatever I build is my goal (vs. keeping it private and just using it myself) but it is a long journey from building something use-able to building something share-able :) With high standards for design and UX for a developer who doesn't have those skills (yet!). Congratulations on sharing, coco looks cool, good luck!

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      Thanks for your thoughtful answer. All the best for your journey. If I can ever support, let me know.

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    Wow, this was a really inspiring story. I love what you're doing. App looks awesome too. In fact, something sort of like this has been in my "brainstorm" document for a while. I will say though that your design has exceeded my own imagination of it. Signing up now. Would love to help test.

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      I don't think you can imagine how much that comments means to me. :) This journey is full of ups and downs (like 4x each today alone). And reading words like yours are sooo important and elevate my motivation! :)

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