July 14, 2020

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Cody Palmer @codefiveart

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40.6k impressions made
13 videos made

This is a lot of work! I have gathered that relying on the youtube algorithm to market your channel, it will take a lot of volume (35+ videos), so marketing your channel is important.

I've currently exhausted all my social networks, with the most recent boost was a video directed almost directly to my Facebook friends. I did a video in dedication to my alma mater: University of Iowa, and most of my FB friends are Iowan. I got a lot of support and a large spike in subs and views. Now I have an established Linkedin page, a facebook page, instagram account, and I tweet here and there.

I feel like this is the foundation for the ability to get out my videos before the channel becomes "self sustaining". Self-sustaining to me is when you'll get a large amount of dedicated views, and youtube will continue to market your page to people that youtube thinks will like your content, AND you have enough content for them to dive into for a long time (screen retention = advertisement real estate).

Still fun and still learning!

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Today's Top Milestones
  • My side project got acquired 🎉
    My side project Bannerium got acquired. **TL: DR;** * I got the lead from SaaS Place * I can't tell you the number, but it cov
  • $13k in Google Sheet Tutorials
    Better Sheets is nearing 700 members. WOW! at 690, that's over $13,000 in revenue. (not profit) It's getting hot in here. And that's a lot of customer
  • 1 year launch anniversary & $50K ARR milestone!
    August marks 1 year since launching Lunch Money on Show HN. Crazy to think that a year ago, no one really knew about Lunch Money and now I've hit $50k
  • First 10 Signups!
    https://altcampus.school has first 10 signups with 15 days of launch now. Having the experience and results of offline model - https://altcampus.io ha
  • #1 in germany ;)
    A slightly silly milestone, but the book seems to have caught on in Germany and spent a few weeks sitting at #1 in the english language education cate
  • Chrome Extension approved
    After several disapprovals Google approved the extension. Check it out at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fix-ap-news/lokebojckgiilojldcehpa
  • Reworking the Newsletter
    I'm a little behind the curve on posting this update, but about a month back, I decided to rework [Forge the Future](https://forgethefuture.substack.c
  • 🎉 Got 5 customers!
    https://amicu.app - reminders to keep in touch with people. Monthly subscribers: 2 Yearly subscribers: 3 MRR: $15 Total Revenue: $91 Monthly active us
  • It was a shower thought idea
    I'm not a podcast guy. I'm not a youtube guy either. I'm not a recording guy. So, how did this happen? I'll tell you how it happened. I'm kicking myse
  • Added frequently asked feature.
    Keeping track of all feedbacks helps a lot in prioritizing development. No matter which feedback I get, I add it to my feature-for-development list an