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Mobile app development now is very expensive and time burning for small business. We are money&time saver for mobile app development. You can easy create and publish mobile app to AppStore & GooglePlay in a few minutes

October 21, 2021 up to 4000 flutter templates download grow

Some platform insights about past year:
– 4900 mobile app templates was published on platform;
– 559 #fluttertemplates total published;
– first 100 #flutter templates gave a 75% of site traffic;
– 10 flutter templates gave an 80% of total sales in flutter category.

October 15, 2020 Publishing system was launched.

Happy to introduce the system for loading products into the The is the marketplace for digital products you've been waiting for. Now everyone who wants to become an author can do it automatically. Just Register and start selling.

For upload the product us this link:

Why is it cool?

  1. Large commissions for authors at the start. Author's commission starts at 70% from the first sale.
  2. No hypocritical product moderation. Publish any product you want and how much you want.
  3. Search engines love us. Most of the products published on the immediately goes to the Google search results.
  4. You can withdraw any amount via request. Withdraw at least $ 1. There is a button for this in your personal account.

What is right now? This is a digital marketplace with more than:

  1. 22 000 + customers
  2. More 3200 + mobile app templates for download
  3. ~ 3% average CRT to purchase.
  4. Fastest support team.
August 17, 2020 Happy to announce the launch

This is a very important step for our team, our customers and authors.

Seven reasons why this is really important.

  1. Content is a king. Our customers are thoughtful and sophisticated. Before they buy, they are making hundreds of Google searches. It is very important for us to give them high quality information about products in different formats. Not only product cards, but also in articles and listings of the best digital products. That is why we started a blog and wrote articles.

  2. Priority. If content is a king, that is important as a first thing. We have a rule. Determine the importance of features and do the most important ones first. Don't do anything in any sense and spend resources on unimportant things. Blogs and content are important. We did that.

  3. Opportunity. More promotion for authors. Any author who publishes a product to marketplaces wants to be listed in an article and have more promotion for his product. As a result, earnings are higher. For us, it is important to give our authors this option. Blogs and articles are some of the growth points where authors can get 3-5% CTR.

  4. Analytics. Blogs help us gather more analytical data on what is trendy now and what exactly audience searches are. In the next step we cultivate this data and share it with our authors. In the next step customers find what they are searching for in the shortest time.This is to improve customers' experience.

  5. Grow authors' community. The blogging platform attracts new authors. The marketplace model is based on growing two things: customers and authors. It cannot work when they break apart. These two points must grow in sync. Authors love to see their products in blog articles. This motivates them to create more products and improve the quality of products.

  6. Grow customers' audiences. New and quality products attract new customers. At the moment, customers have got a wider selection of goods that have grown sales and authors' earnings. In the sync, it makes a win-win paradigm.

  7. Availability. For authors, it's much easier to get into our article selection than anywhere else. We need only publish products in our digital marketplace inside one of the categories and add one of the popular tags. Example: Flutter app templates category and WooCommerce tag. And consider that your product is already in our blog. Our blog writing system works amazingly.

July 21, 2020 First ~ 200 community members per/day

As soon as our pages got into the search engine, we immediately began to receive customers. Now it is happening with us. To date, we have 18,000 registered users on the site. We grow by 100 to 200 new users per day. The next big goal is to hit 100 - 150 sales per day. We estimate that we will reach it in a few months. When search engines index all of our products.

May 20, 2020 Final MVP

Our main MVP goal is to satisfy user requests. We understand that we are not amazon yet, users don't come directly to us. We should be displayed where our users are searching for products. So it is about to be more visible in google search. Before a client bought a template, he made from 20 to 150 searches. We don't have any innovations, neural networks or artificial intelligence, but we have a vision that the marketplace should cover basic needs and it is possible to have a choice. The more choice you give the more you see on google search the more sales you have on the marketplace at the first step.

While making MVP we were concentrated on a big quantity of products and on convenient tools for searching and navigation among them. Our main navigation ideas are tags and categories. By combining categories and tags, you can make a more accurate selection for your request.

November 19, 2019 This is a true story

After quitting from employment, we made several useful in-house start-ups. For more than four years we have been working on clients projects as an agency.

Each time we were delving deep into the client's problems and each time we have been solving them on the highest level. Observing all new successful clients launching we also acquired a desire to make something of our own. So we decided to make Our dream was to make something like amazon with digital products, the main market place where you can easily buy any digital product: code, assets, neural network templates, complex integration solutions etc. As soon as smart microwaves have their own apps, you will find them on

Before the launch we broke all possible start-up rules. We didn't do Customer Development research, we did not create a business plan, we didn't count unit economy as well as we didn't count CAGS etc. We simply made a platform that we had in mind as developers. We wanted to make a big international E commerce project, that will help studios, developers and small businesses launch their web projects on operating systems much faster and cheaper.

Actually, we followed one start-up rule: “Find product market fit”. That is why we started with mobile apps templates. Now the mobile apps template market is in its infancy. I know, you might say, what is the reason to make a start-up for the market that almost does not exist. If there is no market now - that doesn't mean it won't exist in the future. There is no market, but there is a common way to make mobile apps. Searching for designers, searching for iOS and Android developers, we all know how it is done. We figured that there is now an opportunity to make mobile apps in a new way. Today we have frameworks for cross platform development such as Flutter, React Native, Ionic. It is an opportunity to make a template just once and solve a problem for thousands of little projects, which don't have an opportunity to order custom development. We are not searching for the blue ocean, we are trying to make usual things in a new way.

Try to use when you need to do mobile app development.


Mobile app development now is very expensive and time burning for small business. We are money&time saver for mobile app development. You can easy create and publish mobile app to AppStore & GooglePlay in a few minutes