September 19, 2019

Code Mochi idea was born

Stephen Jensen @stephenjensen

When I launched back in February which is a Serverless Fullstack React science education application, I realized that although there are tons of resources available for learning how to code React, I had to fend for myself and piece together a solution when it came to deployment.

I knew that I could just throw it up on an EC2 instance but I wanted something that could scale with the number of users, be fault-tolerant, and basically just take care of the DevOps side of things so I could just focus on writing code.

After learning more about deployment options, I realized that there are a wealth of amazing tools that are used in the DevOps world, but they aren’t easily accessible for fullstack developers.

I decided to create Code Mochi to share video and code that will teach fullstack developers how to structure their code and use the right tools so that they have a production-grade website from day one that will grow with them.

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