Dev.to is better than Medium for code blogging.

I have used medium as a place to publish my blogs and published several Code Mochi posts there. I made sure to set the canonical urls so that my domain, not Medium would get the credit for posting them.

Unfortunately, my traffic results were just not very impressive on Medium. I stumbled on dev.to and I found that to be a much more vibrant community. Here are examples (results updated as of Sept 19th, 2019 to prove a point):

Prisma 2 Sneak Peak Post http://bit.ly/sm-snkpk :
Medium: 20 views
Dev.to: 141 views

How to add sitemaps to React http://bit.ly/sm-stmps :
Medium: 10 views
Dev.to: 268 views

Such a difference! ❤️ Going forward, I'll stick to Dev.to + codemochi.com for the homes of my posts.

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    Medium has some of the most users hostile UX on the web, and it's flooded with authors. Go anywhere else.

    1. 2

      Wow, what a fall from grace- I remember posting science blog posts back in 2016 and receiving hundreds of views so I was pretty surprised to see how much it changed. At least it isn't just me!

      1. 2

        Yeah... a common story. I remember when Gmail loaded "instantly" and was the quickest, lightest UI anywhere. Now it's just as bloated and slow as yahoo and hotmail were in 2005, if not worse!

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    If you're targeting developers I think dev.to is definitely a better place - the audience is almost exclusively developers and people are genuinely interested in articles about software - medium is far broader and less popular with devs anyway.

    And of course dev.to doesn't have a horrible paywall forcing people to sign in/pay just to read articles which were not even written by or paid for by medium. So for that alone I would publish anywhere else.

    1. 2

      That's so true about the paywall- when I was creating posts it was trying to make me opt into the paywall by default. Crazy!

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    One observation is that dev.to has an audience much more likely to be interested in your content. (Initially, I thought you were attributing it to the way Medium handles canonical urls.)

    Glad to see others working on writing apps. Title isn't really designed for code blogs, so nice to see a good tool exists for this. How are things going with Code Mochi otherwise? What's your next milestone?

    1. 1

      Things with Code Mochi are going well from a development side- people really seem to like the content that I'm providing. I think the biggest unknown is trying to figure out is how to get the word out. What has worked best for you at Title?

      My next biggest milestone is going to be developing a free course over at codemochi.com and getting enough traction with that so that I could do a paid offering after.

      1. 2

        Nice, seems like a good plan. I haven't found any good channels yet. I'm mostly focused on improving the product still. I ran some FB ads that can obviously be a source of initial traffic, but I won't seriously invest in that unless I know I can convert people from a trial to paid usage.

        One thing I would suggest is sharing it in relevant communities. Join FB groups around development, share the articles when they're relevant. Basically, look for people who could actually benefit from them. Find out where they are already having conversations related to Code Mochi and go participate/share.

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    The UI on dev.to is really really bad... but I dunno if that is by design because it's "cool".

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