September 19, 2019

Launched the Blog + First Post

Stephen Jensen @stephenjensen

After looking into several solutions for hosting the code mochi blog, I came across Gatsby, which is a static site generator. Something I learned from, which started with Create React App and is hosted in an S3 bucket, is that none of the SEO that I added through React Helmet actually came through when Google indexed it. Gatsby solved this problem for me because instead of loading dynamic content when the user loads the page, we pre-render everything in advance. This ensures that any dynamic content that would come through from a backend, such as a blog description, will already be embedded into the blog page during compile time.

I created Gatsby site as well as my first blog post, which was about how to convert less components to styled-components. I needed to do this actually for the site because some of the css components were actually written in less, so the post also served as a reminder to myself as to how to actually do it!

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