Post on fullstack serverless- sets future roadmap

This week I published another milestone post about how to take the previous fullstack that I wrote about and deploy it totally serverlessly. This reaches one of the objectives of Code Mochi which is making scalable fullstack development accessible to everyone.

My ultimate goal is that I want to create a paid course about how to build a complex, real-world serverless application using Prisma 2 and Next.js. I have a lot of luck with viewership on youtube, but unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to sell a course there. What I want to do instead, is to create a course platform where people can watch the content on my platform so I can have both free and paid courses there.

In order to pull this off, my plan is to do three things:

  1. Build a course site that will allow me to create and host courses that have lectures and videos.
  2. Create a kick-ass free course that covers some chunk of content- probably the frontend piece of things and it would interface with an already built CRM such as Contentful or GraphCMS. I can use this to get people to start using the platform and enjoying my style of teaching.
  3. Create a paid course that covers a larger/more valuable chunk of content. This would cover the entire stack, automated deployment, testing, user log in, maybe payment too. All the design decisions would be made with an eye for production-grade tools and I’d use tested solutions over coding your own. For example, although you could, rolling your own user log in is not a good idea because you don’t want to be in the business of storing user’s passwords. Just use Auth0 or Cognito. I want this to be a general trend of my site- how can you as a developer build your product as fast and painlessly as possible by outsourcing all problems that are already solved to services that are tried and true.
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