November 24, 2020

E19: Joe Howard, WP Buffs

Noah Labhart @nlabhart

Joe Howard is originally from Washington DC. He did his undergrad outside of Philly, then quickly moved back to the DC area. He’s married, with a young family and most of his outside of work time is dedicated to family, and traveling to interesting places (when the pandemic allows). Likes to try and keep himself disciplined with his day to day calendar – through exercise, reading, team growth, and family focus. And he uses a pomodoro journal – on and off – to help him keep organized in blocking his time. Host of the WPMRR podcast, on which he focuses on increasing monthly recurring revenue, and for sure, mentions the latest in WordPress world. I’d recommend checking it out.

Joe started out as a WordPress freelancer, but found it was hard to scale building websites. However, what he knew was the fact that there are a lot of WordPress sites out there… and they need grade A support. This is the creation story of WP Buffs.

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    Thanks for having me on, @nlabhart! Love how well produced each CS episode is. I'm feeling myself after listening to it haha :)

    If anybody has any follow up questions, feel free to comment below or hit me up on Twitter.

    And more about WP Buffs and WPMRR here on Indie Hackers.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Got my first 5 sales!
    Hi everyone, I am super excited to share that I have managed to make 5 sales since I have launched SaaS Starter Kit for the Early Access program. http
  • Relaunching Launchr
    In May last year I decided to put the Launchr project on hold, mostly due to time constrains. Now it's time to relaunch it! Launchr is a starter templ
  • Massively increased editor performance 🚀🚀
    Hey, it's been a while since we updated you on everypage. We've been working consistently on improving the experience for existing users so far and to
  • 3rd Week In A Row
    Consistency is key. So I keep showing up to make and release videos. This weeks video I want to get more confident in the water so I challenged myself
  • Filled in my Indie Hackers product information
    I think it's fun to look back in a while and see the journey of this this thing. That's why I made an Indie Hackers page. You forget a lot of stuff on
  • The Future of BizTech interview
    Grateful for the opportunity to tell a bit of the TaskTrain startup story and consider how the "future of biztech" and its increasing democratization
  • Launched on ProductHunt!
    Today we launched Jiga on Product Hunt. The day started a bit hectic after the PH's spam bot detected our post as spammy. After a short discussion wit
  • Launched Pluckd Blog
    We are launching our blog today! In it, leaders from our platform and guest writers will share their tips about how they are nurturing growth cultures
  • Launched The Paid Application The paid application is now up and running. I am very excited to continue developing this product and bring additional
  • Custom Lists and Public API in Lunatask 0.6 🥳
    The next update just landed with Custom Lists (we name them Areas of Life), Public API, better end-to-end encryption, record streak calculation in Hab