November 24, 2020

E19: Joe Howard, WP Buffs

Noah Labhart @nlabhart

Joe Howard is originally from Washington DC. He did his undergrad outside of Philly, then quickly moved back to the DC area. He’s married, with a young family and most of his outside of work time is dedicated to family, and traveling to interesting places (when the pandemic allows). Likes to try and keep himself disciplined with his day to day calendar – through exercise, reading, team growth, and family focus. And he uses a pomodoro journal – on and off – to help him keep organized in blocking his time. Host of the WPMRR podcast, on which he focuses on increasing monthly recurring revenue, and for sure, mentions the latest in WordPress world. I’d recommend checking it out.

Joe started out as a WordPress freelancer, but found it was hard to scale building websites. However, what he knew was the fact that there are a lot of WordPress sites out there… and they need grade A support. This is the creation story of WP Buffs.

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    Thanks for having me on, @nlabhart! Love how well produced each CS episode is. I'm feeling myself after listening to it haha :)

    If anybody has any follow up questions, feel free to comment below or hit me up on Twitter.

    And more about WP Buffs and WPMRR here on Indie Hackers.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Started Acquisition Channel Experiments
    Here's our weekly update at our community for founders, Enter Network. 1) What did I work on last week? ✅ Put quite a bit of work into analyzing (the
  • Who needs a backend?
    My mac died with an uncommitted backend, so I decided to get rid of it completely! I've heard a lot about Firebase, but never had a chance to check it
  • Update 125: +3 customers
    1. What we worked on last week and how well did we achieve our goals? ✅ Added 3 new customers for +$149 ✅ 1 sales call with qualified lead 2. What we’
  • Launch Day
    I prepared a drip email automation for the course content, linked it to Gumroad, and added a webhook to invite buyers to the private Github repo. Laun