E4: Hrishi Dixit, Yieldstreet

Hrishi Dixit was born and raised in India. He wrote his first program when he was 13 years old… and he was hooked on computers from that point forward. He comes from a family of teachers and book store owners, so he was kind of an outlier – and, as a kid, having a computer was a luxury that his family couldn’t afford. In his undergrad, he studied mechanical engineering, as computer science wasn’t available. However, he brought in programming as much as possible. His graduate studies were completed at Cornell, where he worked side by side with Xerox scientists on interesting micro-mechanical systems problems.

Books have always been a thing for Hrishi – loving the tactile sense of holding a book. He also enjoys a good whisky, along with traveling – and he’d love to retire living in Scotland within walking distance of Laguvulin.. if he can convince his wife to brave the winters in Scotland. He worked for Schlumberger for a while on robotic drilling tools, but then followed the activity in California, around the time where the internet was evolving and Google was taking shape. He wanted to be apart of that.

Towards the end of his time in San Fran, he worked in fintech – loving the connection point between math, science and software. He was the founding CTO of LearnVest, which was sold to Northwestern Mutual. Around the time of the sale, he met the founder of his current venture and joined the team as a consultant, and then advisor. During that time, he built out the makings of an alternative investment platform.

This is the creation story of Yieldstreet.


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