September 23, 2019

Launched MVP Version in Chrome Web Store

harbind @harbind

I created this MVP in about a month and it was a complete do over of an extension I had made many months prior that I had stopped working on due to other time commitments.

The intent of Codebits is to make it easier for developers to bookmark web pages and the important code snippets or text they contain. When using Chrome Bookmarks, many times I found it difficult finding the things I had bookmarked simply due to the massive amounts of bookmarks I have saved in there. Even the search wouldn't help and then I would question if I had even saved it. Another rare situation is when the original page wouldn't exist anymore in which case I was just out of luck. So, I built this extension to remedy those issues for myself.

Over the past few weeks, I've continually made updates and bug fixes to the extension as users report them. Moving forward I'm hoping to collect more feedback on what features developers are getting the most value out of, which ones they don't like and which ones they would like to see in the future.

My hope is that other developers will get some value out of this and I can keep improving it to make it more valuable to their workflow.

One idea I have is to give all users access to a feedback page where they can upvote a list of possible future features they would like to see, that way I hope to better prioritize the features most people are anticipating.