November 18, 2019

Added time tracking to support medium-sized teams


To our surprise we've learned over the last couple of months that converting slightly bigger game studios is actually easier than converting very small studios. Larger indie studios (10+ people) are already used to paying for a project management tool and they're already at the point where just not using anything is not an option anymore and they might even have dedicated producers on the team.

One feature request that came up many times during our customer interviews and that seemed specifically important for these mid-size companies was time-tracking support.

That's what we added in our most recent release. You can track individual tasks with a stopwatch mode or by manually entering your work updates.

After some weeks of internal testing we realized some benefits of time tracking that go beyond the ability for accurate customer billing which we initially anticipated:

  • Clear visibility of the actual time cost of implementing features or fixing bugs gave us a bigger awareness of where we actually spend time and gave us a better sense for future estimations and prioritization.
  • Having a ticking clock and a timer widget which allows to quickly jump to the active task is a great tool for staying focused on the task.
  • If users want to enable full time-tracking with stopwatch support, only one card is allowed to be set to in-progress at a time. Even though we were worried that this could feel restrictive in the beginning, we've grown to appreciate the increased focus this yields as well. It is also a better reflection of what you're actually working on right now and communicating this to your team, rather than having 5 cards be in-progress at the same time.
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