November 19, 2019

Our first content marketing reached top spot on HN


We've been interested in doing more content marketing for some time. Previously all our blog posts were very self-centered, so this time I focused on a topic that would be interesting even if you didn't care about Codecks. I wrote a list of all the tools that we used during the production of our hit game The Curious Expedition.

This worked remarkably well. I posted the blog post to Hacker News and it went to top spot within 2 hours. I made sure to reply to a lot of the comments and to update the blog post in real-time based on the additional questions that were pointed out in the comments, increasing the value of the post even more.

Analytics are now currently showing 260 users on the website at this moment which is way more than our usual amount of activity. Pretty happy with the way our first foray into content marketing worked out. Now it will be interesting to see how many of these visitors convert into actual customers.

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