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CodeWrite is designed from the ground-up for code-bloggers. It features a carefully-designed UI, a full-fledged code editor for handling code snippets, and a "one-click publishing" feature to top developer platforms.

May 4, 2021 Got featured on BetaList

So, CodeWrite just got featured on BetaList! It was done completely free (after waiting around 2 months), and drove limited uplift traffic to the landing page and a few downloads.
All in all, It was a positive experience, and if you're willing to support the effort, drop a "like" on the listing here!

April 18, 2021 Pricing update

After getting my first subscriber right after launch, CodeWrite hasn't moved much in terms of revenue. Sure, I've got like >70 free users, but again - they're all free and not very active on top of that (no feedback, or anything).

Because of all that, to "save" the product, I decided to do some changes.

First of all, I've updated the pricing, bringing the base Solo plan to $5/month, and Solo+ plan to $10/month. It's a bit more than the previous $3/month and $9/month respectively but is required to make the product profitable quicker. For now, I've removed the Team and Team+ plans, as CodeWrite didn't provide any exclusive features for them. My only subscriber is not affected.

Next up, I'll try to make my users more active to gain some feedback. The upcoming update will bring some new paid-exclusive features, and the users (including the old ones) will now be required to set up an account. Nothing fancy - just email link or social sign-in - but this will allow me to potentially contact my users directly when needed. It'll also open doors for future cloud sync and live collabration features.

If you're a technical blogger or know someone who is, I'd appreciate a mention or if you could give CodeWrite a try - it's free! - and let me know your thoughts in the Discord server later on. Any feedback is much appreciated!

April 13, 2021 Improving Grammarly support

Good support for the Grammarly browser extension has always been important for me as both CodeWrite's developer and user.
Even though it's been pretty good already, in v1.0.5.2, I fixed the last few issues related to code formatting, so that now, CodeWrite integrates well with Grammarly across the board.
On top of that, v1.0.5.2 squashed multiple smaller bugs and brought some smaller improvements like image drag & drop.

Get CodeWrite now for just $3/month, and one-up your technical blogging experience! ๐Ÿ‘‰

April 12, 2021 Landing page redesign

After a few weeks of work - I've finally redesigned the CodeWrite landing page!
I won't go as far as to say it's perfect, but it's a far cry from the one-pager it was before.
The new version features dedicated pages for stuff like download, or pricing, and also a proper header and footer with mobile-optimized variants.
Landing page images have all been replaced with short videos, showing CodeWrite in action, and all text has been made more succinct and direct.
Overall, I consider this a worthy upgrade.

April 5, 2021 Free tier redesign

CodeWrite's free tier is currently used by >60 people. As it is my go-to place for future paid conversions, I want the free tier to be the best it can, while not cutting into any of the paid tiers.

Sadly, it didn't live up to this standard and only made my potential future customers confused. Partially because it was kind of an after-thought - an extension of the previous "demo mode" - but also because I didn't set it up properly in the first place.

With CodeWrite v1.0.5.1 I've finally fixed that! Now the initial "tutorial" blog posts are permanently marked as "readonly" and so don't count towards the 1 blog post, 6000 characters limit. Previously you were meant to work off of these demo posts, which was confusing. You also weren't able to remove those posts or create new ones, which you can do now.

To summarize, this update gives the free tier the proper treatment and allows its users to go through the complete blog post creation process.

Now the focus goes towards redesigning the landing page, alongside full-blown product documentation, and then - bringing a whole lot of new features for v1.1, to finally validate the core idea behind the product!

March 17, 2021 CodeWrite v1.0.5 - a minor update

CodeWrite v1.0.5 just dropped, bring a few minor improvements while I work on bigger features:

  • Improved Ghost support with support for the new Ghost v4! ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Changed links in the pop-up to point to the respective "create post" pages for faster access ๐Ÿ”—
  • Cleaner messaging regarding new post creation in the free tier ๐Ÿ“ฃ
March 12, 2021 Official CodeWrite roadmap!

I'm really excited, as today I get to share with you CodeWrite's official roadmap - a way for you to see into CodeWrite's future! There, I'll openly track all the development, ideas, feature requests (you can submit some on the Discord server), and issues - everything! Come, and join me on this journey of making the best blogging tool for devs!

March 11, 2021 CodeWrite v1.0.4 โค Ghosts blogs

CodeWrite v1.0.4 just landed, with a few great new features:

  • Support one-click publishing for Ghost blogs! ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Support for CodeSandbox embeds
  • Support for image captions on (didn't know this was a thing ๐Ÿ˜…)
  • You can now see your post's title in the editor toolbar while scrolling
  • Small fixes, bug kills, and performance improvements
    Stay tuned for more!
March 4, 2021 Hitting the brakes

Just a little update for all interested folks.
The last few weeks were pretty stale for CodeWrite. Tried to get some traction through tweets and mentions in blog posts but it didn't do much and led to a bit of a burn-out.
Currently, I've got a little over 40 users, and 1 paying subscriber.
I'm evaluating what I could have / still can do better - what features can be introduced, how to advertise, is the product or only the advertising strategy flawed, etc.
Overall, as it's only my first product, I've still learned a lot - about how to do better launches, how to connect and advertise, how to convert users, etc.
As I'm looking towards the future, for now at least, it seems like I've hit the brakes on CodeWrite.

February 16, 2021 Introducing CodeWrite affiliate program!

Today is another big day for CodeWrite! We're introducing an affiliate program! That's right, you can now not only fuel your dev, and writing passion with CodeWrite, but earn something on the side as well! All the simple instructions are here. Join now and earn 20% or even 30% from any new CodeWrite paid user you refer - lifetime!

CodeWrite is designed from the ground-up for code-bloggers. It features a carefully-designed UI, a full-fledged code editor for handling code snippets, and a "one-click publishing" feature to top developer platforms.