April 10, 2020

Coment App for Slack is live... and free


After a few months of distributing our service as a standalone platform (to gather, review, comment and approve documents easily with your team), we noticed that the timing between the discovery and the 'Aha moment' was way too long.

To reduce that time, we needed to integrate into a tool that people were already using. That's why we decided to integrate our core value into Slack (I might get into details about the 'why Slack?' in another post). It allowed us to bring our Aha moment to a few seconds or minutes, compared to before where it was hours or days!

In that period where remote work is peaking and people struggle to find the appropriate setup, we thought that our app could help some teams (it allows to review, comment and approve all documents in Slack). So we decided to speed up the development to release the app ASAP. We were planning on testing it for a few months and then release it, but months became days, as we took the decision not to develop the 'monetization part' 🤷. Working in B2B saas, we are less impacted by covid-19 so we decided it was the least we could do.

We are really proud to distribute the Coment app for Slack for free (for as long as we can afford). If you are using Slack and struggling to gather comments/approvals, give it a try here (and give us some feedback):

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