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I wanted my calendar to actually reflect my values.

August 2021 Launched Private Beta (1/2)

Invited people on the waitlist to test it out.

This is the first of two private releases. The product is in its passionate, yet awkward teenage days, where it's still figuring out its place in the world. There are imperfections galore. But it already helps you focus more on what matters.

A handful of people have followed up, and I'm getting some good feedback already. Everyone agrees the UI needs an upgrade. I've been using a 3rd party calendar, so this is a good excuse to throw it out and finally start building the calendar of my dreams from the ground up

June 28, 2021 Started Building

After 3 months of marketing & researching, I finally started coding. I'm glad I waited - the design and value prop has improved a ton since my initial prototype. I'm so pumped to start making it come to life!

I have 'Ship ASAP' written in my notebook to remind me to not worry about making things perfect. Lets' see how I do 🤞

June 6, 2021 Launched the Landing Page!

Turned the prototype and my research into a landing page:

Building it really made me get clear on the value-prop. I ended up cutting two features that complicated the pitch. Shared it with my network, and they liked it. Now I'm focused on growing the audience and getting more people excited about it while the product is built.

May 1, 2021 Built the prototype

Resisted my primal dev instincts and waited to start coding. I instead built the prototype in Figma. Took a bit to learn the software, but it was worth it. I refined the idea, got it in front of a lot of people, and get clear on how to pitch it.

April 1, 2021 Finally, a viable product!

A calendar that prioritizes what matters to you--whatever it is.

After lots of conversations, research, and proof-of-concepting, I started feeling confident that there would be a market for one of my ideas.

The idea came from my personal pain-point of starting entrepreneurship. I suddenly had so much time and found myself filling it all up with work, neglecting the big picture priorities that I cared most about.

March 8, 2021 Lots of bad ideas and false starts

I decided I'd start looking for product ideas that I'm excited about, test if there's a market, and go from there. There were lots of ideas that interested me. Unfortunately, no one else really cared, at least not enough to support a viable business.

Here's a few of the failed ideas:

  • virtual coworking app for consumers
  • backcountry GPS
  • visualized presence Microsoft Teams app
  • audio-reminder climbing helmet
May 1, 2020 Let's do this

Came to terms with fact that my corporate job is boring. Decided to give entrepreneurship my best shot. Best case: I built a product I'm proud of and support the life I want. Worst case: I go broke and have to get another corporate job. It's worth a shot!

Spent $50 creating an LLC. Guess it's real now


I wanted my calendar to actually reflect my values.