October 4, 2019

Decided I want to start selling coffee

Danny @compiledcoffee

So I've been drinking coffee since I was just graduating from high school. Ever since it's become just a daily routine to get my morning cup of coffee.

In the beginning it wasn't anything "special". I didn't care for quality that much. My go to roast was medium roast. I could taste the "burned" coffee so I would stay away from places like Starbucks.

I was eventually fascinated with how coffee was grown, processed and roasted. I got myself a small hand stovetop roaster and for several years would just roast my own coffee at home paying attention to roast "profiles" and how different origins would have distinct hints of flavors. This would become my morning coffee.

All this time I was actually working as a professional software engineer drinking the supermarket coffee they would buy for the office during the day. I started paying attention to how people would praise or criticise the coffee someone brewed that morning. Some people like the "roasty, burned" taste of coffee and some other people preferred the lighter roasts.

Since I could remember I always wanted to start my own business. On my drive to work I would try and think of new business ideas I wanted for a tech startup. I thought of really cool saas product ideas but as soon as I looked them up on Google they already existed. I eventually landed on starting my own coffee roasting business. I again searched it and this space was saturated. Oh well, I actually enjoy roasting coffee and the science of roasting coffee really excites me. Me being a software engineer decided I wanted to start a coffee roasting business but with a "tech" spin on things.

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