January 9, 2020

Finally launched coffee roasting business

Danny @compiledcoffee

It's been such a long journey to actually launch my business. It's been months in the making and its finally a reality. To summarize my goal for selling roasted coffee online: I wanted to do something I enjoyed doing which was roasting green coffee, tasting it and sharing it with others. That wasn't enough though since there's already hundreds of businesses/people doing this online. My goal is to bring the experience of buying coffee online to the digital age. I want to build slack bots, phone apps, APIs, and pretty much everything technical I can create to that experience.

The reason it's been months since I first got my coffee roaster was because:

  • I was learning the ins and outs of the roaster
  • I took forever trying to figure out the ecommerce platform to use. Should I go open source? Build my own? Go with a managed service like Shopify.

At first the obvious answer was bringing in an open source solution like Spree, write k8s deployment definitions and deploy it to kubernetes. This took a long time because while doing so I was also experimenting with different plugins I'd like to create or reuse. I needed to build the whole design myself and learn the ruby templating engine.

I eventually decided that to actually get the site out to people I had to go with Shopify because it was just a lot easier to get started with. Thats the route I took and if I wouldn't of gone with a managed ecommerce provider then I still would've been trying to figure out the spree and its inner workings.

Soon I'm going to have to move over to an open source solution since there's so many technical things I want to add. But this'll work for now.

If you guys want to buy some fresh roasted coffee, check out the website:


You can use the coupon code INDIEHACKERS for a 50% discount

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