🍾 First Response & Second Sale

What a day, I got a response from my first customer in the meantime, second sale happened. I sold a bundle which includes both August and September data.

And it was such a relief to not get a negative first response. So everything is good. Except my script, it was quite finicky when I ran it last time. Now I'm gonna need to improve it, hopefully make it faster and error-proof. (takes about 12 hours to fetch it all.) I put several other entrepreneur sites to my radar so it won't be limited with IndieHackers' users anymore.

Anyways money is stacking, soon I'll be able to open a Stripe(Atlas) account. Thus I can turn this into some kind of web application with subscription model instead of selling separately or bundled. My plan is to give a huge discount for those who support me in this very early stages.

I keep repeating myself but keep your seats early, you won't regret in the future.

note: Andrew called it a scraped list so it's officially a scrape list now on.

edit: Link updated

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    Congrats on your sales 👏

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    Sorry, but this isn’t very clear to me. What type of data are you giving them?

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      That's why I should put up a landing page. It's a scraped list of twitter handles from IH, with their public twitter informations like bio, followers count, account creation date.

      noaheverett	13058232	⚡️ Noah		3411203		1773	10670	0	8608	TRUE	TRUE	Mon Feb 04 18:08:17 +0000 2008
      shanselman	5676102		Scott Hanselman	246946		9963	8175	120229	203973	TRUE	TRUE	Tue May 01 05:55:26 +0000 2007
      health		1044771		Health		232420		222	2193	0	1852	FALSE	FALSE	Mon Mar 12 21:37:48 +0000 2007
      hnshah		3382		Hiten Shah	230643		155719	7978	85774	73928	TRUE	TRUE	Sat Jul 29 09:04:30 +0000 2006

      Lol, I need my coffee I wonder why I didn't take a screenshot at first place.

      This data is from September 15, there is the same data from August 15 for those who wants to compare.

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        Very cool! Great work :D

        Why do you think this would be useful to people here? I'd love to hear your part of the story.

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          Thanks Brayden, it's also a great question and it's kind a long to answer.

          Initially I build the list for myself because I knew I needed some social exposure for my future projects. With this list basically I can easily find like-minded people to connect with. If I need to expand it further, I can filter it with follower counts, feed my listener bot with the users. Or simply create a list on twitter and join in the conversations when I'm able. It's more likely to work for a beginner on twitter. Except trying hard to get noticed under big guns.

          I have this design related idea in my mind for a while, I can search for designers easily with their metrics and engage with them, gather feedbacks or see if their products fits my idea.

          I'm also analyzing the growth to see if I can apply the tactics from the bests.

          It's nothing but a scraped list but allows me to do many things. If I can't do anything, it helps me to keep alive the Data group on IH. :)

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            Very smart! This answers my question. Thanks again!

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