September 26, 2020

Released a Freebie & New Logo


Today while I was trying to figure out how to optimize the list for further expansions.

I come up with a quick "analysis": Who changed their twitter bio in the past month

1700 out of 17k twitter users changed their bio in the past 30 days. Not a significant information but nice to know.

Other than that, I'm planing to build a landing page for Connect. So I revised the current logo (it was a lousy screenshot) now it's an SVG.


I'm still thinking about the sample list I'm going to put on the landing page also the copy but I need to figure it out somehow.

Oh and the freebie the list of changes on twitter bios.

While you are here, here is a post I shared today. What's the use case of a scraped data, huh.

So here's the roadmap/todo list.

[ ] Optimize the list
[ ] Inspect other sources like PH, WIP, Makerlog...
[ ] Revise the codebase for speed

[ ] Design and deploy a landing page
[ ] Organise the Buymeacoffee page

Wish me luck ūü§ě