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December 15, 2020 Connect December

It's the middle of the month and time for a new release.

We made nothing on November, even with the promotional prices. I didn't mention it anywhere mostly focused on other projects. Closest idiom I know could be "what goes around, comes around.". Another example of "Build it, they'll come(!)". Guess what, they didn't and probably won't.

On the other hand it's funny to see I've been doing this for the past 4 months. Overpromising is not my thing so I never try to market it as a subscription, thinking I may not be able to fetch the data on the 15th somehow. It's great for me to see that I stick to it longer than I thought. Without the need of an extra pressure on my shoulders. Isn't this why we choose to be independent anyway. Time-boxing is cool, having goals is nice but don't let them exhaust you.

Also this 4 months showed me that I'm failing hard to reach the right audience, I should've search for those people who has magic powers to turn data into products¹. I don't know where they are hiding and frankly not trying to find 'em. Yesterday I saw this project², which was in front of my eyes whole the time yet I keep trying to come up with an analytics based stuff instead of content based. Now, thinking about majority of twitter users, I'm placing my bet on the wrong horse.

Anyways enough talk, time to get back to work. Here is the December release of Connect


1 :
2 :

November 17, 2020 Connect November

Connect is a monthly snapshot of twitter entrepreneurs.

Everything Simplified

On november we get rid of the extra data points.

Now On The Cloud

Simplifying the data allowed us to store it on Google Sheets. This way it's easier to export in your favorite format (XLSX, CSV, TSV, ODS). Or better work on the cloud, apply your filters, pivot the tables and generate graphs.

Prices Shrank Down (a lot)

Even tho it's already used by professional purposes, I feel like it's more convenient for hobbyists so it's no longer $89. It's starting from $29 and bumps up $10 every 10 sales.

What's Inside

18K+ entrepreneur's twitter details curated from indiehackers, getmakerlog, wip chat.

Where you can full text search in bio, location. Filter by follower, following, status, listed counts, account creation time or even better combine them to pinpoint your target.



I bundled the previous 3 months as an archive. Note that latest_status data only available after October. $59

Also this month there is a new-comer, I've "curated" most_recent_makers on producthunt so you can reach all those active ~15k hustlers. $29

Connect - November

November 3, 2020 First Sale Brought Trouble

This is not the first sale of Connect but Product Archive. It's a similar product where I gathered products from ProductHunt into a spreadsheet.

This time I wanted to try something different. Instead of giving out only the raw data. I've filtered the products where they are no longer available. Read their stories compiled a mini-book with their funding information and quotes from founders on different articles.

Also check their domains if they are available. I found around 150 available domains.

You can see the post here, ProductHunt Archive It got like 70ish views with no comments. Thanks for the support. After a few days I saw a tweet, which led me to PH and to this comment.


Post got 5-10 more views and 🎉.. A sale, of course he's not the one who commented.

Anyways it brought the problem. Today I've checked the domains
again and 3 of them are already gone. I'm not sure what should I do at this point. Either I'm going to check and refresh it on a daily basis or get this out of the shelf.

Do you have any suggestions?

October 15, 2020 October Release Is Here 🤘

Here is Connect October.

This time, I've added latest tweet and it's creation time to kinda see active users. Also urls are back on.

Also collected new handles from getmakerlog and wipchat.

This one possibly the last release as a sheet, since I'm able to gather data faster and it doesn't pay much as it is compared to the time I've spent, I have this plan to turn it into a web-app, saas. We'll see.

17k+ handles from IH
1700+ handles from GML
700+ handles from WIP

October Lite
1700+ handles from GML
700+ handles from WIP

All files are TSV (Tab Separated Value)

  • With Numbers, simply open it.
  • With Excel, you need to import the file, select Delimited, UTF-8 and in the last screen, select the id_str column as text
  • With Pandas, read_csv("filename.csv", sep="\t")

id_str name screen_name description url location followers_count friends_count listed_count favourites_count statuses_count created_at protected verified latest_status latest_status_created_at urls_in_description

If you bought earlier versions of Connect and still interested, just DM me on twitter @0xanil I'll send you the Lite version.

October 5, 2020 Moving to Ko-Fi

After requesting for a payment from Buymeacoffee on 27th and getting nothing in return, I've lost my trust. I don't expect to get the money without bugging the support or the founders again and again. I've decided to move to Ko-Fi still in WIP. While I was designing thumbnails, writing description details etc I've realized how much time I'm spending for these unnecessary stuff that these 3rd parties caused. That's why I got bored more and things take longer then they should.

Anyways, I'm glad I'm moving to Ko-Fi. I'm not totally fine with relying on another third party however I couldn't wrap my head around on this simple checkout process even tho there are 300+ example code over there.

In short all those time and effort I put in the background against these trouble that third parties caused won't bring me a single customer, even this post has more potential for a sale. So I'm leaning towards more foreground work instead of the background. And that's what I suggest to you.

In case you don't believe, here is some ss.

edit: After reading more reviews, I've deactivated all items on BMC. Updated project's website to kofi shop. Working on a custom payout page. Now I need to update elder posts, thank you BMC 👏

October 3, 2020 Back On Track

I prepared myself a todo-list in the previous milestone Released a Freebie & New Logo on Sep 26.

  • [ ] Optimize the list
  • [ ] Inspect other sources like PH, WIP, Makerlog...
  • [ ] Revise the codebase for speed
  • [ ] Design and deploy a landing page
  • [ ] Organise the Buymeacoffee page

I intentionally seperated the list into two, top ones should have the priority. Guess what, I started with the last one just after taking a quick look on the other sources, now we have wipchat and getmakerlog as well. I'm not sure about ph since it's pretty crowded. Maybe in the next issues. Anyways I started with organising the buymeacoffee page. What a great decision.

I wanted to improve the copy, explain what's included and make images prettier. I even created a mockup to see how those images would look like in the thumbnail and bigger sizes.

Here is how mockup looks like, I didn't finished yet. I was trying to get some answers through support, it took a while as another IH warned me about it.


/*/ note: They downsize the image like a lot. Then resize it back to cut the bandwidth costs or make it faster.


While I was there I couldn't find a way to enable membership for my account, I was able to create one but it wasn't present in my page. Tried to contact support, waited a day, nothing. So I wanted to take a deeper look.

I suspect that it's because my account had manual payouts enabled, since I didn't have a Stripe or PayPal account linked. And I was right I learned that about 48 hours later. In the meantime, this response time kinda bothered me and I started to look for other ways to transfer money. I initiated a manual payout and guess what. Not a single leaf moved. It's still same to this very day.

While I wasn't okay for some 3rd party to make me wait for my earned money while they are happily taking their cuts. I found an article that explain how to create a Stripe account via Transferwise. It took several tries and back and forth transfers to Transferwise to create an account. It was like something pushing me back, I was sending the last payment after fixing every single issue, my phone died, until I charged back, banks closed. I was going mad. Then struggle continued on Stripe side. I'm living in a unsupported country I wasn't expecting to resolve this problem but Makoy from the support gave me a support that I don't usually get in my regular life. He kinda tried harder than me to make it work. Eventually I managed to verify it aswell.

Linked it to buymeacoffee page, expected to get my money. but NOPE. Again a "quick" chat with the support. I fired another question to the support a few days later they said they initiated it, they said I'll get it in 3-5 days on Wednesday. Great right.


All this stuff completely exhausted me I was feeling phsyical pain, I was about to depressed for what I have done so far. I wasn't able to get paid in any ways so there is no way for me to build a profitable business so what was the point of keep trying.

Luckily enough, I wrote a comment under a post on IH, I'm trying hard to not give up and Dagobert pick it up, and get me back on my feet again. With the help of others, also Andrew step by and said hi. It was another encouragement.


So there is this stoic teaching about not worrying on what you can't control, even tho it doesn't resonates with me. I just decided to ignore the fact that I can't get paid, it's still bugging me but it's not like it used to. I'm gonna figure a way out when I need to get paid. Also at the right time I've seen this one, I don't have a phenomenal product as Kelly replied, however I remember the days I find a way to create a PayPal account just to buy some game credits back in the day.

And I get back to work. Immediatly found a way to reduce the running time from 17+ hours to minutes. I found 2 alternative ways actually, I know it was there but I didn't spare enough time to search/learn about it. Now I'm way closer to turn this into a product rather than a sheet. I'm not sure if I should tho, Still WIP.

And I was waiting for this day for a while to refer back to this post. What has Indie Hackers done for you? 😊

Thanks to those kind people, who were there when I'm down.

September 26, 2020 Released a Freebie & New Logo

Today while I was trying to figure out how to optimize the list for further expansions.

I come up with a quick "analysis": Who changed their twitter bio in the past month

1700 out of 17k twitter users changed their bio in the past 30 days. Not a significant information but nice to know.

Other than that, I'm planing to build a landing page for Connect. So I revised the current logo (it was a lousy screenshot) now it's an SVG.


I'm still thinking about the sample list I'm going to put on the landing page also the copy but I need to figure it out somehow.

Oh and the freebie the list of changes on twitter bios.

While you are here, here is a post I shared today. What's the use case of a scraped data, huh.

So here's the roadmap/todo list.

[ ] Optimize the list
[ ] Inspect other sources like PH, WIP, Makerlog...
[ ] Revise the codebase for speed

[ ] Design and deploy a landing page
[ ] Organise the Buymeacoffee page

Wish me luck 🤞

September 25, 2020 🍾 First Response & Second Sale

What a day, I got a response from my first customer in the meantime, second sale happened. I sold a bundle which includes both August and September data.

And it was such a relief to not get a negative first response. So everything is good. Except my script, it was quite finicky when I ran it last time. Now I'm gonna need to improve it, hopefully make it faster and error-proof. (takes about 12 hours to fetch it all.) I put several other entrepreneur sites to my radar so it won't be limited with IndieHackers' users anymore.

Anyways money is stacking, soon I'll be able to open a Stripe(Atlas) account. Thus I can turn this into some kind of web application with subscription model instead of selling separately or bundled. My plan is to give a huge discount for those who support me in this very early stages.

I keep repeating myself but keep your seats early, you won't regret in the future.

note: Andrew called it a scraped list so it's officially a scrape list now on.

edit: Link updated

September 19, 2020 Released Connect v2

7 days ago, I accomplished my first ever online sale. And this sale reminded me a lot of things. Before getting into that. When I saw the sale on dashboard, I immediately wanted to update the data and send it to the customer. I've been busy with it for the past few days. Now it's ready. I've already sent him a copy. Now I'm presenting it to you.

Well, I shouldn't present it to you tho. This is what this sale reminded me.

It's always a numbers game, always. I did no marketing for it. I just put it into shelf and wrote a single post on IndieHackers. It surprisingly got 300+ views but no comments except the drama.

Now I'm saying it's a numbers game because it sold 1/300.
And this is not even targeted audience.
And it's not even tailored to audience.
I doubt on the product, I doubt that much that I gave up. I wasn't talking about it, trying to sell it. I wasn't checking the dashboard I was putting another product so I saw the sale.

When I was writing that mail, something inside keep told me; what if he didn't like it, what if he wants a refund. Well this also told me that either I'm a mf unique person on the planet who knows it's valuable or I just didn't reach any of them yet.

I've also realized making a huge mistake by mentioning IndieHackers instead of Entrepreneurs. But let's keep it that way and keep it short. I bumped up the prices no more discounts, planning to turn this into monthly release and include some summaries. Price will go higher each month so better take your seat early if you think you can turn data into money. Else buy one of these

edit: quick correction; I've realized view count increases with refresh so it's not close to 1/300 but way less. and link updated

September 15, 2020 A weird thing happened, first ever sale 🍾

This was totally unexpected, I already gave up on this and I was considering to remove the listing but keep postponing it.

A few minutes ago I finished and deployed The Haystack a fun little side project to display Substack search results with subscribers count. And I thought why not to add a Buymeacoffee link, I opened up the site and saw the first ever sale. Whaaat. :) and it happened 4 days ago.

I'm not sure how should I feel. It's exciting but I'm feeling bad because that data, still useful but it's a bit dated. Now all I'm thinking is to find the code I dump, run the it for the night, prepare the files and send him the fresh data. After all he's my first ever customer, he deserves the best.

Helping people who's not sure where to begin