November 26, 2020

1st order of 101+ ways to get new customers online

Rhys Morgan @ConsultantRhys

It's crazy because, I haven't pushed any marketing at all for this.

I just simply added to as a button. I wanted to see how it would look once I decide to make it live.

Anyway, within 4 hours, I got my first pre-order from someone I'd never spoke to, met or knew before.

It looks like someone clicked my website link in my Twitter bio and then found the page themselves.

I'm consistently growing my MRR but, this organic one-time purchase has probably been my best success so far.

See the tweet here:

  1. 1

    Nice one @ConsultantRhys -love what you're doing to help people with growth 🙌🏾

    1. 2

      Thank you, Christina! Can't wait to see where you take Content UK!

  2. 0

    That's amazing man!

    Hey Rhys, do you perhaps need a SaaS copywriter or knows someone that does?

    Here's my website

    It'll go a long way.


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