November 23, 2020

LP done for 101+ ways to get new customers online

Rhys Morgan @ConsultantRhys

As I'm currently fully booked by 10 SaaS companies with a reasonably sized waiting list even if someone does decide to drop off, I've decided to launch a file/spreadsheet of 101+ ways to get new customers online.

Currently, all orders are pre-orders but, I've already managed to secure a few through my personal network.

You can view the landing page and a sample here:

I expect the file/spreadsheet to be ready late December.

Why have I decided to do this?

  • I've had a tonne of people reach out for support that can't afford the monthly fees I charge and unfortunately, I can't help everyone.
  • I wanted a down-sell for anyone that I lost on a discovery/sales call.
  • I wanted to share my knowledge and help others in it's simplest form.
  • Wanted to do this for myself because it's been on my list forever.

I'd love some feedback on the LP if anyone has 2 minutes to spare.

By the way, I know I need a new, more professional headshot.

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    Hi Rhys! 🖐🏼

    Copy-wise, I think the LP is perfect! I have some qualms with the evidence part (low-res images, unnecessary "this is proof" justification), but these all come down to personal preference.

    I also think your headshot is fine. I suppose it's too big since the product is not yourself, but as soon as you start making videos to explain/elucidate some of the listed strategies, that won't be the case.

    Product-wise, I think there's a lot of heavy-lifting a customer will still have to do. I can't barely decide between 10 growth strategies to do first. Just thinking about picking one out of 101 gives me a panic attack. Also, I'm pretty sure execution is vital for all of these so just knowing the strategy doesn't mean I would be able to make it work.

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    shit, I am too late

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    Nice one Rhys. I mean, I'm a direct response SaaS copywriter and I have to say, you got this nailed down.

    So yeah as you said "If my grandma landed on you site, yeah she'll surely understand."

    Good one there, mate.

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    Hey Rhys 👋

    The LP and product look great! The first section has a ton of impact and straight away I understoodd the value your product delivers. In particular, I liked that it was B2B focused and that there was a guarantee.

    I also like that people get a sneak peak of the product straight away. You're showing the product, and not just telling people about it, which I think is far more effective.

    If I was to provide some critical feedback, I would say it'd be nice to know how effective the different acquisition methods are. This could be similar to how you've measured the effort required. For me, I'd use this to weigh up whether it's worth putting the effort in for certain channels.

    I also felt there could be more advice for each acquisition method. E.g. once I've joined a Facebook group, what next? How do I get the most out of this channel?

    Great work, looking forward to seeing how it develops!