October 9, 2019

Landing page created

Jibran el Bazi @Jibran

I made a quick landing page. Just with a simple form to sign up to be notified when there is something to update on the project.

You can find it at Content Creation Robot

Before I put more time into building out a website, my goal is to test the waters a bit. To see how much of a pain Content Creators have in managing the processes of their business.

Like Louis said on a recent IH podcast; you should not try to find an audience for your solution, but look for a pain that an existing audience already has.

And I couldn't agree more!

So, I would love to bring value to professional content creators, be it writers, bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, music producers, etc., by creating content of my own.

My guts tell me that there is something there (DIY process automation for content creators), but I'm not sure how much of a problem this is.

In short: I need to talk to more people. :)

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