December 1, 2019

50 Subscribers to Content Weekly!

Jibran el Bazi @Jibran

So I started Content Weekly with the intention of inspiring, educating and entertaining creators and business owners about content.

More and more content is generated on a continuous basis. And if you want to be heard, you need to make exceptional content.

That's what I want to help with.

Content Weekly thus provides examples, strategies, tools, interviews, etc. that I curated from the web.

And today I have 50 subscribers to my list! Yay!😄

About half of them came through promoting Twitter posts and the other half through manual work.

Promoting tweets is so much easier short term, but I'm not sure if that is sustainable.
Long term I want to have all my subscribers come from 'natural' marketing.

Promoting is a good way to test my assumptions though. At the beginning of a new venture, you're never 100% sure it is something people want.

Today I will send out a newsletter which contains:

  • An article on content strategy
  • A Case Study on humor through an infographic
  • A Product/Service idea for a "Content as a Service"
  • A Quote about 'Audiences'

If you're interested in those topics, be sure to check out my newsletter.

Will keep you posted next week.


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