December 13, 2019

Doubled my Subscribers to Content Weekly!

Jibran el Bazi @Jibran

Only 100+ now though, haha!
But still, I'm proud to reach this milestone.

So, some lessons I learned and the things I did.

I changed from Mailchimp to Convertkit.

I really like the UI of Converkit better. It helps me set up Automations, Sequences and Tags way better than I was able to do in MC.

I shared my choice of changing to CK on Twitter, and even got a nice reply from Nathan (founder of CK) himself, yay!

My newsletter was a bit too long, so I made it shorter, focus on sharing, more than commenting.

Started theming the newsletter. The last one was filled with links to 3 great articles about how to monetize your content. Which got a better click and open rate than the general newsletters.

A/B tested landing pages. Currently, the jury's not out on which converts better (both ~20% which is pretty nice), so I need some more traffic.

Added a freebie for signing up. A series of articles covering Content Strategy. This helped a lot with the conversion to subscribing.

I started sharing my progress/tasks on Makerlog, which gave some traffic.

Not part of THIS milestone, but something I'm working on, is building a website around the newsletter. I'd like to create a place where all the curated things I share in the newsletter, are accessible to a broader audience.
This, in turn, will help me to rank in Google too.

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