August 13, 2020

Launched Contentago 📑

Rhys Morgan @Consultily

As some of you may know, I launched Consultily around 6 months ago, an on-demand platform where SaaS companies can hire myself as a SaaS marketing consultant.

I'm currently fully booked, enjoying the work and sitting comfortably at ramen profitability but, as it's myself doing the work and, I'm struggling to trust taking anyone else on board, it's not really scalable and, although I don't mind that, I now want to create a business that is.

So, after speaking with over 50+ SaaS companies in the last 3-4 months alone, I'm pretty clued up on what they do and don't need.

Using that feedback, I have decided to launch Contentago, an on-demand platform that produces SEO focused and niche related content specifically for SaaS businesses.

What are Contentago's main KSP's?

  • We do the hiring
  • You pay a set monthly fee
  • We vet the writers
  • It takes less than 2 minutes to sign-up
  • It takes less than 3 minutes to request content
  • We deal with the writers and their tasks
  • We're specifically working with SaaS
  • We offer a 1,000-word risk-free trial
  • You receive consistent and awesome content every week

Well, anyway, here's to a new venture...

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    Really clean and informative landing page.

    Congrats on the launch. Really building up those products now 🚀

    Also minor one: but the FAQ link at the bottom wasn't working for me, not really an issue because its obvious where the FAQs are but just thought I would mention it.

    1. 1

      Thank you, Harvey! I'll sort the FAQ link right now!

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    Congrats on the launch Rhys!