October 18, 2020

Launched My First Startup!

Ajeet kushwaha @kushwaha

I have started Contentbyd which is a platform where you can get great content at an affordable price. Contentbyd.com

I have just started, so I am ready to take feedback. I will keep updating my journey ahead here. Also currently giving a 20% ​​discount. Thank you!

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    Hey Ajeet, congratulations on your launch!

    Here is some feedback:
    Since you are promoting content creation (writing), your websites writing has to be in top form.

    "Get the eccentric and delightful content." -> Remove "the" + I wouldn't use the word eccentric.

    "Thrive your website. Update the blogs and content on the website right away and notice the output." -> Thrive is the wrong word here + the whole sentence is wrongly formatted.

    Your samples are good but you need to work on your website to attract clients.

    Good luck!

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      Thank you for such great feedback. I will make changes ASAP! Looks like the website needs more changes. That's why I asked for feedback, thanks again for your advice.

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