September 5, 2019

Hired 2nd Full-Time Team Member

Abdul Qadir @qadir5000

Hired our 2nd Full-Time Team Member to help us start building our Customer Success Team. As we want to become Content Partners with our clients and not just Content Providers. Along with Content Writing, we provide all our clients with Content Strategy, Content Marketing Ideas, Content Ideas and Planning; as our clients grow we needed help in making sure all our clients are served well and can get the full attention of ours. Hence we hired our first full-time member to start building out the process and give our value-added services into proper shape.

Our goal is to have at least 8 Fulltime Team members by Dec 2019.

P.S. We are offering a 10 Free Trials this week of our Basic Plan (4000 Words) worth $89 without any strings attached. If you're interested just hit me up, the only thing we need for the trial from your side is feedback.

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