October 21, 2019

Finished MVP

Alexander Richey @AlexanderRichey

I'm happy to announce that Convo (https://hiconvo.com) is now generally available. It is still in alpha and some features are missing, but the core functionality is stable 🚀.

In its first release, Convo has two primary features: events and messaging. Convo events make it easy to plan events with real people. You can invite your guests by name or email and they can RSVP in one click without having to create accounts of their own.

Convo also allows you to message with people directly via Convos. A Convo is a layer over email that makes it easy to connect with people by their real names without revealing any personal contact info.

I built Convo in response to my own difficulties with Facebook and other social media platforms. These difficulties range from the practical to the philosophical. Read more on the blog (philosophical part is toward the end): https://blog.hiconvo.com/hello-world

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    This looks great. I would slow the .textloop animation a bit. I don't know if I would lead with "alternative to Facebook" and "new kind of social network" -- it comes on pretty strong. While it could evolve to be that, the ability to plan events without giving out participants' email or phone details or FB profiles is what I might advertise up front...just a thought.

    The idea is promising. The incentives for and against using it for various types of people in various use cases are too complex for me to guess whether you'll get adoption. I suspect that once you get a core of (a few dozen?) users to use it a second time, you could see growth as people plan events involving mostly existing users but where one or two or handful of people are asked to sign up since "everybody else who's going is already signed up". Maybe a group of people (enthusiasts of some hobby?) who aren't crazy about Facebook and don't want their meetups on Meetup? Or? It might be a tougher sell to get all of the attendees of an event to sign up -- inevitably someone will say "it's easier to do this with" WhatsApp/FB/Evite/etc.

    I like your blog post! Forthright and thoughtful.

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      Thanks so much for checking this out! I agree with your feedback on the copy - the suggestion to focus on the event planning aspect in the top heading makes more sense than the current approach. Hope to update this soon - still iterating rapidly on the copy.

      My plan for driving adoption, at least for now, is simply to use the platform for my own events and parties. I'm also going to encourage my close friends to use it the next time one of them has a birthday or housewarming party - or something along those lines. The idea is that people who were invited via Convo will see that it works well and will choose to use it instead of Facebook when they plan their own events. We'll see how it goes! I'm hopeful 🤞.

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        Using it yourself and encouraging your friends to use it is a good place to start. After a few weeks, you might want to promote it outside of your circle...unless all of your friends' friends like to plan events :-)

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