October 17, 2020

Made a quick demo



I made a quick GIF showing how the extension works. It just shows the cookie being accepted on the google search main page.
The website is also live:


Let me know what you think in the comments please.

  1. 5

    Looks good but I would never consider paying for something like this.

    1. 2

      I would probably pay for it, but not €100. Maybe €10 at most. It's just not problematic enough for me, because the whole point of the cookie banner is that once you accept or deny the cookies it goes away.

    2. 2

      Thank you for checking it out. What feature can i implement to make the extension worth something to you?

      1. 4

        Nothing, since although cookie popups are annoying, they're not annoying enough to pay to get rid of. Most people are very picky when creating new personal expenses (unlike B2B).

        Also some free alternatives seem to exist that do the same thing https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/i-dont-care-about-cookies/

        1. 2

          i-dont-care-about-cookies does not actually accept or deny anything and just hides banner/popups. I feel like it is very different privacy-wise (but like you say, maybe it's not worth money)

          Maybe i could let people use it for free and then build paid features? Do you think it would work better this way?

  2. 2

    another feature, is there a way to carry my preferences across devices and browsers ?

    1. 1

      it technically already does that, since you need to be logged in to use the extension. I don't do crossbrowser yet (because i develop for chrome right now).

  3. 2

    I don't think price is an issue. But there are open source cookie killers. That might be the issue. Would you consider freemium and probably build in options to pay for more services. I'm currently working on a digital risk protection service offering that will offer freemium service and then paid service as you need more juice

    1. 1

      yes i have been thinking about that. it would only hide popup/banners for free and pro features if you want complex privacy settings
      But i'm afraid of ending with only free users and noone wants to upgrade (i'm not a very good marketer)

      1. 1

        I'm very sure if the pro solve an imminent problem people will upgrade. Fear is normal I fear for everything. But not doing it is even worse than fear.

        Would you be able to tune it to solve security issue rather than just only solve disable cookies?

        1. 1

          what kind of security issue do you mean?

          1. 1

            I mean can you pivot it to solve a cybersecurity issue?

            1. 1

              well, i could but i have no idea what kind of security issue i could plug with a chrome extension :D

  4. 1

    I've been trying this one since last week:


    Sometimes I report when it does not work on particular site

    1. 1

      yes that's one of the free alternative i have been looking at for research. It actually only works with popular cookie providers and then the slectors that are added manually by the maker (which is why you see it not working on some websites). Would you be willing to pay for a solution that works on all sites?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the insight. To be honest, I would probably only be a freemium user... It's a nuisance I want solved, but can click away if the plugin does not work properly...

  5. 1

    the product page looks good, regarding pricing, i do feel its a very high price.

    1. 1

      Thank you for checking it out, What kind of price would you feel is acceptable?

      1. 1

        Would be good to research with non techy people, and see what they feel is acceptable, ( I do know there are open source things )

  6. 1

    Very interesting. Great stuff.

    1. 1

      thanks for looking at it. What do you think about the price point. Would you install it in a few days when i release?

  7. 1

    It looks cool, but I can't see myself paying $97 for this. If I were the maker, I'd rather release it as open source, at least to get recognition.

    1. 1

      i get that 97 is too much, but i don't want to lower it straight into 0. Would you say that a 15-30 price range is still too high? if so, can you let me know what price you would consider being a bargain for this?

      1. 1

        To be very honest, I'd be happy to donate/support $5 if I try and really like the extension. But I hardly see myself pay for this, even $1. There's simply no pain point to me.

        1. 1

          I get it. Maybe a can find a pain point that is not too far from it,. I'm just no sure what it is yet

  8. 1

    Cool, but I would also never consider paying 97$ for that...

    1. 1

      yes you are not the only one, i definitely have to lower the price. How much would you consider is the right price, how much would be a bargain to you?

      1. 1

        < 5$
        I mean, even AAA games are not 97$

        1. 1

          good point. Thank you for the feedback.

  9. 1

    "get the extension" should be more to the center; top left it is easy to miss.

    Also I am concerned about the behavior since it should just take you to the store listing but it goes to login page >> see ref.

    1. 2

      Good point, i'll change this ASAP. Thank you for checking it out.

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