January 4, 2020

Coding, a Lot!

Andras Bacsai @andrasbacsai

It has been a half year since we did anything publicly.

We updated coolNote with new features, but most of the things done in the background.

We simplified our coding workflow, our backend API's & our frontends.

We are using one API codebase (Node.js) and one Websocket codebase (Node.js) for every applications. Why? Because it's simple.

There is no need for complex things in the beginning.
Simplicity increases productivity.

We created a Developer Kit to be able to use shared components easily in our frontends (Vue.js).

Why? Because in this case all the components (authentication, main UI components, the application workflows, etc...) will be the same for all future apps, controlled in a central place.

This simplifies and accelerates the creation of MVPs with a lot.

Also we changed our IaaS from DigitalOcean to a small German based company. Unfortunately, it's not a dedicated server yet, it still a virtualized shared environment, but for the initial apps, it totally enough!

Next steps?

  • Publish our second application, which will be a subscription based paid application.
  • Learn how to be part of IH!

Lesson learnt: I think we do not need to explain it. All the things we done was new for us so, we learnt a lot.

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