January 21, 2020

How to build on negative feedback?

Andras Bacsai @andrasbacsai

We asked IH about the idea of coolLabs in a post as we are a doing our applications in community-driven way.

The feedbacks were not as we first expected. They were mainly negative-ish.

It took about 10 mins to filter everything. After taking a cup of tea & relaxing a bit, we realized there are pretty cool suggestion hidden in them!

  1. We need to be much more clear in with our wordings on our websites.

This is a weak point, which needs to be improved.
We corrected / simplified some details on our sites, but there are more to be done.

  1. Our apps were used Google / Github OAuth services to authenticate.

It's a tiny little bit against our main rules - to not use any 3rd parties.

We planned to fix this in the past, but in the beginning, their OAuth service was the easiest solution.

There were more important thing to be done before it.

But after the feedbacks, we prioritized it as we are highly rely on the community.

So it's over!!

We switched form Google/Github OAuth to our own magic email login method and it's awesome!
It sends you an email with a link which magically log you in or create an account.


  1. You do not store your password, as you have no password on our side.
  2. No 3rd party authentication.
  3. Magical.

There are lots of room for improvements. We are planning to add a 2FA aswell to provide a secondary security layer.

So that negative-ish comment - with a strong filter - is a good comment afterall! You have to build on it!

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