January 3, 2020

The Idea of coolLabs

Andras Bacsai @andrasbacsai

The initial idea was born around this day. The concept was not 100% clear.

That was sure that I like to code and would like to create products for the world where the 2 main pillars are:

  • User's online information are in safe hands.
  • Independent from any 3rd parties - really, any! If you use the products you will only use internal, coolLabs services.

But how?
Didn't know, yet.

For months, I just learnt about web technologies (I had some prior knowledge of programming languages - not web related - and linux system administration), practice and create simple applications.

The name came from a pretty simple thing. It is an abbrevation of the word 'collaboration' with some additional spice (col->cool).

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