January 4, 2020

Totally Change Our Infrastrastructure

Andras Bacsai @andrasbacsai

In that time we used Heroku for our backend & Netlify for our frontends. They are awesome to start with as they are free.

But we quickly realized, that we are telling the people that we are independent from large companies, but we were using Heroku (which is based on AWS) and Netlify (probably either - not sure).

This has to be changed!

So we created our own Herokuish-Netlifyish service on our own server with 3 days of coding. (It is not published yet, but thinking of it.)

You can read about it in this blog.

The post received a ton of attention, probably because it's title.

9037 views, 74 reactions, 19 comments. Wow!

Lesson learnt: Lots of Docker and Nodejs.

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