April 8, 2020

Launched on Indie Hackers

Ben Birnbaum @benb111

Six months ago I decided to give myself the goal of building something that at least some people on the internet would use and get value out of. So without overthinking things, I started to build Cortado, which solved a problem that mattered to me. I had no idea if I could make a business out of it, and to be honest that's not really my goal. I just wanted to get started on something.

Right after I started Cortado, my wife and I had our second kid. That of course has slowed down development of this side project, but I've been making slow but steady progress on it. Now, six months later I think it's ready to start to publicize a bit so that I can get more feedback on it. I'm a huge fan of the IH Podcast, so this community felt like a great place to start!