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After working remotely for 7 years and seeing other struggle with social isolation, this was created to solve my own problems.

July 31, 2020 Learned how to code and built a prototype

It was frustrating trying to use one zoom call to have multiple conversations.

So 2 months ago I researched what is node.js and started learning.

Since I host a lot of virtual coworking sessions, I launched a prototype and tested it out with a few people.

March 17, 2020 Lunch Together is now live on ProductHunt!

We need to be socially together now more than ever, but we can't physically.

I wanted to create a way for people to be alone together, that's why I'm excited to launch Lunch Together!

It's where you can have a virtual lunch with your neighbor and support each other.

Let me know what you think :)

January 17, 2020 Rebranding CoWop into Council.Club

After coming up with over 200 names, we came up with CoWop. I didn't know that parts of CoWop is not appropriate, even racist.

Thanks to feedback from the community that I found out that I should change the name and after coming up with more iterations, Council.Club was born!

December 20, 2019 Created a Remote Holiday Party

Since the mission is to better connect remote founders, leaders and workers, I created a Remote Holiday Party and it's open to anyone to join.

It's currently on ProductHunt and getting a few attendees to the event.

This is something I wish existed for people who work remotely

December 10, 2019 First Paying Remote CoWorking Member

After receiving over 200 applications and reviewing them. All who are people who work remotely, I invited a handful of applicants to have a video interview.

Of the video interviews (which took a few weeks) I was able to select a few people who would be a good fit for the community. There to share and help each other grow.

This morning I sent out invitations to a few people and got the first paying CoWop member within 5 minutes.

You always remember the first, so I'm email that email :)

December 5, 2019 Created the Most Productive Work Scheduler

If you’re like me, sometimes you slack off when you work from home or telecommuting. Other times you're really in the zone and then it fades away.

After working from home for 7 almost 8 years, I wanted to truly understand my productivity and combed through different reports, articles and papers.

It was effective for me but wanted to share it.

That's how the Most Productive Work Scheduler was born!

It helps you figure out your most productive remote work schedule based on the science of sleep, productivity & social psychology and be more productive within minutes.

You can access it for free here

November 7, 2019 Remote CoWorking Members' Club MVP Launched

After talking to several people and figuring out what the solution looks like, I finally launched the MVP.

I realized that it's all about the community and screening the members is key.

It's built using no-code on Webflow and did the branding and design myself.

Would love to hear your feedback.


After working remotely for 7 years and seeing other struggle with social isolation, this was created to solve my own problems.