September 3, 2019

Launched our Website

Aaron Jix @aaronjix07

It took me a while to finish my MVP for the business i'm working on but it's now here! It felt amazing! A lot of roadblocks at first but it was worth it. Now i am looking for trial customers or beta users to try us out! Excited to what's up ahead and the bright future of creative butlers!

Creative Butlers is a graphic design service that provides unlimited, professional design work for businesses at a fixed monthly rate. We believe that access to professional graphic design can be stress-free, efficient, in-expensive.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Logos for A.I. startups are here!
    Hey there! Our designer Lucie has just added 20 logos to the A.I. category. Meaning we’re one step closer to launching to the public :). Instead of h
  • Blog added!
    I decided to start early with something we all take care of way too late: Marketing. So I integrated a blog section into the marketing site and I am c
  • Policy documents now online.
    A boring, but necessary step before starting to charge money. I used Basecamp's documents as a basis for what I did.
  • Great Traction From Pre-Launch Campaigns 🙌
    It's super exciting to share that our pre-launch campaigns received adequate attention. The campaign was about to (1) subscribe to get notified once w
  • Version 1.6.2
    After a pretty long break from working on it, Paperback is ranked and getting more traffic than ever. I rewrote significant sections of it, including
  • Reached 10K Users!
    After trying several different organic growth methods, our novel solution to solving the need gap for a place for listeners to easily share their musi
  • E4: Hrishi Dixit, Yieldstreet
    Hrishi Dixit was born and raised in India. He wrote his first program when he was 13 years old… and he was hooked on computers from that point forward
  • Completed our first acquisition
    In 2020, alongside the introduction of a new brand and website, we launched an acquisition unit. We're happy to announce our first acquisition and tha
  • Added new survey build feature
    Users have been requesting multi-select question types for a while. Just added that yesterday. Now users must indicate whether their question is multi
  • Launched on PH
    After weeks of talking to customers and working on my landing page I finally launched on Product Hunt. In the beginning I was really nervous and read