January 12, 2020

New Version of CritiMon and Improvement to C++ Lib

Chris @boardy

Launched a new version of CritiMon. The web site is mostly some bug fixes and small improvements. I've made some small changes to the landing page, one being the pricing section I think I've made a bit easier to see the differences and I've added the promo video on to the landing page as well. I've also add a submit enquiry form to the bottom of the page - thinking I might get rid of the chat bot that's in the bottom corner, doesn't get used that much, and when it does its usually spam. Any feedback here would be appreciated.

I've also made a change to the official C++ library for CritiMon. The earlier version could only later for crashes that were or inherit std::exception but it now registers certain signals such as SIGABRT, SIGFPE and SIGSEGV to name a few. This means that with the C++ library you can now receive any type of crash within your C++ applications, not just standard exceptions.

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