cron as a service

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cron as a service, because cron shouldn't be frustrating

Day 15 - Still On Hold

Got heavily distracted while working on @streamcheck, but tomorrow is @streamcheck's launch, so I should be able to focus back on crontask.

Day 12 - Project ADHD

Decided to prototype my next project, and totally ignored crontask. Will be back at it tomorrow.

Day 11 - E2E Task Creation

Built and tested task creation. Success! Next up is task creation validation.

Day 10 - Dashboard

Worked on the dashboard UI, and some minor fixes in marketing copy.

Day 9 - Backend Services

Built the core backend services that will run the whole app.

Day 8 - More UI Work

Continued working on the app UI, made big progress on the cron task creation panel.

Day 7 - App Layout

Developed the app base layouts, and sidebar. Fixed up some auth issues.

Day 5 - Login / Registration

Was a long day at the office, so I took it easy today and built the login and registration flow.

Day 4 - Landing Page

Started work on the landing page. Setup one-command deployments.

Day 3 - Started Development

Picked out a great Bootstrap 4 based theme, and started working on the backend.

cron as a service, because cron shouldn't be frustrating