crssnt is now open source!

The source code of the crssnt.com sheet-to-RSS service is now available on Github for everyone to see.

Star it, clone it, submit pull requests or just check it out:


There are so many good reasons for going open source but for me it was primarily about transparency. The usage of crssnt has increased significantly over the past few week and months and now the users themselves can take a look under the hood and see exactly what's happening with their data.

Additionally, I hope that this will create new learning/collaboration opportunities for this project but also for others.

  1. 2

    I have done a good share of open source but with open source work we cannot give enough time and support

    do you plan to add some premium option for which you can charge?

    1. 1

      This part of the project I plan to keep 100% open source.

      I have some other ideas however with some of them also generating revenue hopefully. Stay tuned 😊

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