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Take over control of your feeds with Google Sheets, RSS and crssnt!

August 15, 2021 crssnt is now open source!

The source code of the sheet-to-RSS service is now available on Github for everyone to see.

Star it, clone it, submit pull requests or just check it out:

There are so many good reasons for going open source but for me it was primarily about transparency. The usage of crssnt has increased significantly over the past few week and months and now the users themselves can take a look under the hood and see exactly what's happening with their data.

Additionally, I hope that this will create new learning/collaboration opportunities for this project but also for others.

June 29, 2021 Usage spike thanks to Euro 2020

I've shared a few crssnt RSS feeds in the past to promote the service a bit but never saw any real traction.

That is until I posted this Euro 2020 feed (based on this Google Sheet) on my Twitter/Reddit profile after which I saw the biggest spike ever!

More than 3k invocations in a single day is about 10x the usual traffic that my sheet-to-RSS service built with Firebase Function gets.

I don't know if it's just a few users trying out the service extensively or a bigger group. Nevertheless, it's very exciting to finally see some traffic.

The last few days the usage seems to have settled at just below 1k invocations/day which is still great.

December 20, 2020 First preview to waitlist sent

After testing my crssnt-generated feeds with a few RSS readers like Mailbrew and Feedly I decided to share a first taste of crssnt with the waitlist subscribers.

Immediately after sending out the emails, I noticed that I messed up the text sizes as some paragraphs are bigger than the others (probably due to c/p errors). Hopefully, the subscribers will not mind 🙈

If you want to find out more, I also wrote how you can use crssnt to create your own stock and crypto prices feed here.


Take over control of your feeds with Google Sheets, RSS and crssnt!